You Are Going to Get Professional Help Through Personal Blog

If you start a personal blog about your hobby, you will get similar people to get connected to you who loves the same things as you do. This will also help you in shaping your thoughts. There is another reason too that you should start a personal WordPress blog by selecting WordPress themes for personal blog is because you will get professional exposure through them. It might be that your blog wasn’t created for that purpose solely, but as an unintended side-effect, you are going to get that.

For example, you sent a resume to a company, in the resume you put a link to the contents that are relevant, and you have collected, written and researched the contents by yourself, the company might give you extra credit for it. Might be due to the blog you get the job offered.

What will a personal blog do?

A personal blog even helps you in your career, because a personal brand of you gets created through it. As per, they did a survey; it was seen that around 61% of respondents admitted that they got a job because of their job. And 79% responded that personal blog is important for the personal brand.

Nowadays most people online are in so many places, and they have multiple accounts on various platforms and even on social media channels. So, there is a good chance that things get mixed up between your friends as well as potential employers. These days most of the employers check about your online references that lead to you before they make any decision about interviewing you and even hiring you.

As per CareerBuilder, 40-60% hiring managers check on your social media presence and analyze you to get an opinion about you and their other potential employees. When they are searching for your online presence, then they are going to find you and your blogs, and if your personal blog is very lucrative, they are going to get impressed.

So, let cut it short, if you have a personal blog, and it is good, you are going to gain the first impression from your employers, and it will increase your chances of getting hired. If you are already in a job, the employers will look at your personal blog, and they will find you as a worthy employee.

The same happens with a small business; if you select the best small business WordPress themes, and make the blog for your business, your business will grow much faster.'