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Advantages of ChatBot Messenger Over Other Internet Marketing Tools

ChatBot is an innovative chatbot software that enables you to easily manage your online business. Chat Bots or chat robots are chat bots programmed with the sole purpose of facilitating customer experience. This software will chat with customers in real time and in the process, it will help them understand your product better. Chat Bots will also suggest you related products based on its research and interaction with various customer service chatbot programs.

One has to choose from a wide variety of chatbot messenger solutions including those provided by Odesk and others. It is recommended to go for an open source solution as it can be modified, while a proprietary solution cannot be modified. The open source software allows one to easily customize the bot. You have to learn more about coding as well. When using one of the open source solutions, you might encounter some technical difficulties.

There are many companies providing chat bots that work for a variety of purposes. These include Customer Service bot solutions and automated customer service representatives. A variety of chat Bots are available for different purposes. There are various advantages of installing chat Bots such as:

o Enables a better customer service. If the customer is happy with the services that the chatbot provides then they will definitely come back for future ones. This reduces the customer support cost by a large margin. There are various types of chat Bots available such as: White Knight, Paladin, and Agent.

o Guarantees better customer service. Since most of the chatbot messenger programs provide excellent customer service, one does not have to worry about experiencing any technical difficulty. They will be able to use the bot on autopilot. Moreover, since the customer service is great, the customer will feel happy and satisfied. The chatbot will automatically respond to the customer requests and ensure that they are provided with answers.

o Increases productivity since most of the chat Bots available today are able to send instant emails and post messages on blogs. They can even reply to blogs and emails in a timely manner. Since there are a number of chat bots being used today, productivity is increased due to the various levels of automation. Since it is easy to identify which chat bot is to be used for which purpose, it allows a user to use a specific bot for multiple purposes such as:

o Provides a much more personal welcome message. If you are using a bot to provide customer service, then you will get to send personalized welcome messages. These are sent in the form of an email or a real SMS. When a customer uses a chat bot to seek help, they receive a welcome message that is personalized. Apart from personalized greetings, there are several other chat bot features such as: asking a question or providing a solution to a problem; offering suggestions; playing a game; searching for information; listing upcoming events; bookmarking material; etc.

o With the help of these chat bots, customer service agents can handle multiple clients at one time. As a result, the agents will be more productive and have more fun. Chat Bots have become very useful and important in modern online customer experience. Today’s social media users are looking for specific types of information faster and are more willing to share. The Bots provide the exact information that the user is seeking. This way, the interaction between clients and agents increases and becomes more interactive and personal.

o There are several advantages of using chat Bots for customer service purposes. The chat bots are programmed to minimize data leakage and security breaches. Hence, users are assured of data privacy. In fact, most leading chatbot providers use state of the art technology to ensure utmost data privacy.

o Since these chat bots are web enabled, they are able to access all the data networks without any restriction. They can use their own unique IP addresses and logs the data at regular intervals. The logs are captured and analyzed to provide the best service to its users. The logs are decoded to capture and assess each of the activities performed by the chat bot. This helps in identifying areas where there are potential threats and problems, which need to be repaired immediately. As a result, chat bots become more efficient and effective in performing their tasks.

o Using chat bots, it is easy to send out welcome messages to new clients and customers. For your business page, you can include some features like a welcome message, a help section, a contact us page, and a business newsletter. These can be integrated with the chatbot so that it does not need any HTML knowledge to add or remove the features. This makes your chattel powered web page very easy to customize and professional looking.