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When it comes to closet organizing, there are many different options to choose from. Some closet organizers are custom made and others are prefabricated. Whether you’re looking for an easy installation or a flexible design, there is an organizer for you.

Cost of custom or prefabricated closet organizers

There are several factors to consider when deciding on the cost of custom or prefabricated closet organizers. The most significant one is the product type. The prefabricated organizers are inexpensive and easy to install, while custom closet organizers are more expensive but will add resale value and a more expensive look to your home. If you are unsure of what type of closet organizer to buy, contact a professional to get an estimate. Many professionals provide free quotes for their services.

The cost of wooden closet organizers can range from about $300 for a prefabricated unit to $900 for custom units. They are more durable than prefabricated units, but require a more labor-intensive installation process. They are also more expensive than other options, and they can be difficult to install yourself. The downside to wood organizers is that they require regular maintenance, so you may want to consider a custom closet organizer if you are on a budget.

The cost of a custom closet organizer is dependent on the materials and the labor involved. A custom organizer will cost about $300 to $700 for materials and labor. If you are going to do the installation yourself, you can expect to pay about $900 to $2300. However, if you’re doing it yourself, you may want to think twice. You don’t want to spend that much money and end up with an unsatisfactory result.

Prefabricated closet organizers can range from $200 to $700. The price of materials is also higher than the prefabricated systems. If you’re going to hire a professional, you should expect to pay up to $1,060 for labor and materials. You should also be aware that prefabricated closet organizers are less durable and have a lower quality than custom-made options.

Easy to install

ClosetMaid offers a number of customizable options for closet storage, including adjustable shelves and multifunctional cubes. ClosetMaid also offers a virtual closet design tool to help you plan out your closet. And its ShelfTrack system makes it easy to install and resize shelves to fit any space, no matter how large or small.

Closetmaid’s Closet Maximizer system gives you an extra 24.5 inches of rod space and eight feet of shelving. It works with upper wire shelving and existing rods, and features solid laminate wood shelving that prevents snags from clothing. The shelves are spaced at 12.5 inches apart and can hold stacks of clothes and bins.


If you’re tired of tripping over your old closet rods, consider investing in the adjustable ShelfTrack wire shelving system from ClosetMaid. This system can be adjusted to fit any closet space, from large to small. It features a durable metal framework that is powder-coated and has nylon straps for attachment. Whether you’re trying to organize your child’s room or a spare bedroom, you’ll appreciate the convenience and versatility of this closet solution.

A ClosetMaid closet kit has everything you need to install your closet organizer system yourself. This includes shelving, brackets, and more. You can choose from wire, wood, or metal options, as well as customize the look and accessories to fit your needs. These kits are available from Home Depot Canada and can be customized to fit any size or shape of closet.


The Home Depot is one of the best places to get your closet organized. The Home Depot has a great selection of custom closets and kitchen storage solutions, including RubberMaid closet organizers. When you buy a closet organizer, the home depot will give you professional installation. You can even get your closet system custom designed and installed by the Home Depot.


Closet organizers can add extra storage space and ease of organization. The ClosetMaid closet organizer comes with 8 feet of shelving space and 24.5 inches of additional rod space. It can fit over upper wire shelving and existing rods. Its solid laminate wood shelves eliminate snags in garments and can accommodate stacks of clothing or bins.

Closet organizers can range in price from around $1,250 to three thousand dollars. A basic 12-foot laminate organizer with basic lighting will cost approximately $2,000. Other options can cost between $350 and $9,300. ClosetMaid organizers are designed to be durable and can be customized with drawers, doors, and baskets. However, installation may take longer than other systems.