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Fleur de sels is a salty salt which forms when a thin, soft crust forms on the surface of sea water as it evaporated. Fleur de sels has been gathered since ancient days, and has been traditionally used as both a healing salve and a hydrating hydrator. It’s been used in cooking and medical treatment ever since biblical times. It can help cure many ailments including sore throats, neuralgia, athlete’s foot, eczema and athlete’s foot, among many others. Below are the basics of how to make a great batch of fleur de sels for your next cooking adventure.

You will need: Fleur de sels – half salt and half water (half if using tap water). You should also have some rock salt, gypsum and/or potassium nitrate. You can purchase these products at a local department store or from a vendor online. Be sure to rinse any salt residue away from your cooking area, otherwise your dishes may retain excess moisture from the mixture.

Now comes the fun part! Mix together both ingredients: fleur de sel and ordinary sea salt. Next, pour in a bit of water and stir until the mixture begins to resemble liquid oil. You’re ready to form your fleur de sel rocks.

The key to making fleur de sel work is to create thick, briny salt crystals. This will prevent the seawater from evaporating. Once you have your first batch of crystals, let them soak for 24 hours. This allows the sea salt to permeate the pores of the rocks and evaporate into the air. Then rinse away the solution and you have salt beads.

It’s easy to tell when fleur de sel just needs a little time to prepare. If the flakes are still a light gray, they have yet to absorb much of the seawater and will need to sit for awhile before they begin to dry out. However, if you see a whitish hue that slowly begins to turn into a golden tone, it is ready for the evaporation bath. Another way to tell is when the flakes transform from golden to white. This is better news for your skin as the white fleur de sel turns into a gorgeous creamy white.

After the fleur de sel is transformed from golden to white, allow it to sit overnight. The next day, remove the crystals from their packaging and place them directly onto your skin with very clean, lint-free towels to remove any extra moisture. During the entire evaporation process, take care not to touch the crystals as they may be hot or soft.

The next day, follow up with a bowl of very sweetened sea salt to rinse off the fleur de sel and the crystals that you had placed on your skin. As the crystals began to dissolve, they left behind smaller, finer particles of sea salt. These fine sea salt beads are the taste buds you needed. Smelt the concentrated salt and then rinse away the salts in a separate bowl. You now have a delicious salty taste in your mouth, which is exactly what you were hoping to achieve! On another day, blend in some rosewater and honey and enjoy your new delectable drink.

Fleur De Sel is not only very beautiful, but it is also very effective for maintaining the delicate balance of a female’s body during pregnancy. It promotes healthy blood flow to the uterus, which is crucial to any woman’s development. It balances high moisture content which can be a factor in preeclampsia. And best of all, it is all natural, very inexpensive, and completely safe! So start making your own recipes using fleur de sel now!