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Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is known for many things. Not the salt itself of course; this is actually made from sodium chloride (table salt) deposited into the earth’s surface millions of years ago. It is used to make salt lamps for both relaxation and revitalization. But Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is best known for its delectable properties.

Himalayan Salt Bath

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt baths are relaxing and invigorating spa experiences. They are especially popular in hot climates where people long to be transported to a place of pure relaxation and rejuvenation. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Baths provides some of the most profound relaxation and energizing experiences of their kind. Himalayan Salt Baths naturally has calming effects on the mind and body because of the therapeutic effects of essential oils found in the salt.

A good Himalayan Salt Bath will soothe your senses and prepare you for sleep. It rejuvenates tired muscles and increases blood circulation, aiding in restful deep breathing. A good Himalayan Salt Bath will relax your nerves and eases muscle tension and soreness after a day of hard work or exercise. A good Himalayan Salt Bath will help relieve muscle pain, stiffness and spasms, reducing inflammation throughout the body. After a relaxing soak in a Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Bed, your skin will feel relaxed, soft and revitalized. It will close pores and smooth over dry, irritated skin.

A Himalayan Salt Bath will leave your skin feeling refreshed and energized. The soothing heat from a Himalayan Salt Bath will stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate waste products and increase lymph flow. A relaxing experience during your bath soak will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized after your hot water bath. A refreshing experience after your warm saltwater bath will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing. It will calm and soothe your nerves, helping you drift off into a state of inner bliss.

A good Himalayan Salt Bath will help reduce inflammation and soreness due to exercise or overexertion from time to time. In order to lose excess weight, many people have turned to a detoxifying soak in the mountains in an attempt to rid their bodies of harmful toxins. In addition to helping people lose weight, a cleansing soak will also relieve stiff joints and relieve muscle aches. The soothing effects of a Himalayan Salt Bath will make your body more receptive to the healing benefits of herbs such as Ashwagandha.

Research has shown that salt is beneficial to the human body in the treatment of dehydration, for its water-soaking properties, and for cleansing and neutralizing the body’s acidity level. There are several types of Himalayan Salt, each with its own distinctive medicinal qualities. When choosing your Himalayan Salt Bath product, it is important to purchase one made from high quality clay, rather than one made from lower grade basaltic rock which is easily eroded by water. High quality basaltic salts are formed from red clays found in the Himalayan Mountains. They have long been used by the Hindus for the treatment of various disorders.

Himalayan Salt Baths provides great benefits to the skin, for improving the complexion, hydration, and invigoration. As a cleanser, a Himalayan Salt Bath can deeply penetrate the skin to remove the impurities in the bloodstream, revitalize the cells for a renewed glow of health and vitality. As a moisturizer, the water of a Himalayan Salt Bath will slough off dead skin cells, revealing healthy, fresh ones. Himalayan Salt Baths will also stimulate circulation, invigorate the lymphatic system and increases the flow of blood through the lymph nodes, a beneficial condition in any situation.

When taking a Himalayan Salt Bath, it is important to note that it can be used as often as necessary, or at least twice a day for best results. Cleaning should be done after every shower, or preferably every other day, as excessive cleaning and washing can interfere with the effect of the salt bath. The warm water of a Himalayan Salt Bath stimulates the pores of the skin, allowing perspiration to evaporate more quickly, while the cool water of the salt bath further softens our skin, helping to reduce blemishes and moisturize our skin. Most importantly, the cleansing effects of this type of cleansing bath promote the formation of new cells. Like other cleansing baths, Himalayan Salt Baths eliminates our need to wash away the pollutants of the day, helping to maintain a natural glow and feeling of well-being. To get the maximum benefit from using a Himalayan Salt Bath, follow the directions on the package.