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Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Portola Valley is a small town in San Mateo County, California. A wealthy community, it is nestled on the eastern slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The town is home to a variety of attractions and restaurants.

Historic buildings

The first hotel was built in Portola in 1907. Then, in 1909, a grammar school opened in the valley. This school, nicknamed the Little Red School House, burned down in 1911. A high school followed, rebuilt at its present location in 1926. The community endured many fires during the early years.

Today, visitors to the area can visit the Portola Valley School, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. The town also features the 1912 Our Lady of the Wayside Church. The Alpine Inn, one of the oldest drinking establishments in California, is also located here. Founded in 1852 by Felix Buelna, this building was once a gambling hall.

The Portola Valley Roadhouse is a landmark. It has stood for 167 years and was recently purchased by three families from the local PV community. The owners of the historic building are undergoing restoration to bring it up to code and preserve its history. The community looks forward to reactivating it as a cultural destination.

The old town center of Portola Valley was located on an 11-acre site directly on the San Andreas Fault. This meant that these buildings wouldn’t withstand an earthquake. So, they were forced to close. In the interim, ad hoc trailers were put up to serve as temporary shelter. After many meetings with local residents and design workshops with town officials, a plan was created. It places the main buildings in a corner of the site, surrounded by tall trees. Additionally, the plan includes a large open space and a daylighted creek.

Another historic building in Portola Valley is the Casa de Tableta, which was built by Californian entrepreneur Felix Buelna in 1851. Today, it is known as Rossotti’s Alpine Inn. In 2010, the city was home to 4,353 people. The population density was 184.8/km2. The majority of people were white.


For those seeking to eat well in a relaxed environment, Portola Valley is a prime destination. Located just south of San Francisco and surrounded by the rolling hills and lush grass of Northern California, this area has plenty of places to eat. Whether you’re looking for a local pub or a place to grab a bite, Portola Valley has plenty to offer.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite, or want to get a bite to eat before you head to work, you’re sure to find a place to dine in Portola Valley that’s worth the trip. Many Portola Valley restaurants have delivery services available, so if you’re in a hurry, you can always order food online and get it delivered to your door.


The Portola Valley has several great hiking trails. Many of them are part of the Outbound community. The Bay Area Ridge Trail leads up to Mission Peak, and it is 3.3 miles long. From there, you can head to the Sunol Regional Wilderness to take a scenic hike.

You can observe native flora and fauna as you walk along the trails. You can spot deer, rabbits, and different types of birds. You can also see various wildflowers in the meadows and fields. Be sure to stay on designated trails and stay out of harm’s way!

Another option for hiking in Portola Valley is the Portola Preserve. It opens to the public 30 minutes before sunrise and offers several trails to hike. You can access it from Highway 35 or Skyline Boulevard. From there, you can take the Anniversary Trail, Lost Trail, Razorback Ridge, and Eagle Trail. These trails are accessible from both the main parking area and the smaller parking lot.

Portola Valley has many parks and open spaces, including a trail system that stretches for miles. There are more trails in this area than paved roads! The city has a trail system that encompasses more than 1,300 acres and is maintained by the Midpeninsula Open Space Preserve. The region is also a popular destination for equestrians with several horse riding centers and scenic roads.

Outdoor living

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, Portola Valley offers both urban amenities and an outdoor lifestyle. This picturesque town is home to 500 acres of rolling hills and 1,900 acres of open space, and 36 miles of hiking and biking trails. Its small town atmosphere offers a rural feel, making it ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

The town’s Cultural Arts Committee organizes regular public art walks that showcase fine art, amateur works, and local talent. The events take place in the town center during the summer months, and often feature new themes each year. Any kind of art can be displayed on these public art walks, so be sure to check out local artists’ work to find a new masterpiece!