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For small refrigerators, there are several organization ideas to keep your refrigerator organized. You can organize fruit and condiments by placing them on the fridge door. Or, you can put them in a lower bin. This way, they’ll be visible and won’t get forgotten.

Place old items in front of the old

One of the best refrigerator organization ideas is to stack like items so that the older ones are in front of the younger ones. This will save space and make it easy to access each item. Also, keep like items together, such as food, so that you can easily pull out the older ones when you need something new. Another great idea is to use a food pouch storage system, which saves space and helps you easily locate expiration dates.

Use a ziplock bag organizer

A ziplock bag organizer is a great small refrigerator organizer idea for storing your leftovers, food prep, and veggies. It will not only keep your refrigerator organized but save you space as well. These handy containers can fit under the refrigerator shelf or hang on the door.

If you don’t have space to hang a bag organizer on the refrigerator, a wall-mounted plastic ziplock bag organizer can serve as a great alternative. It keeps Ziploc bags easily accessible, and requires no assembly. These organizers can also be used to store aluminum wraps and reusable grocery bags.

Ziploc bags can easily get disorganized if they are left laying around. You can make a ziplock bag organizer by repurposing an old tissue box. These boxes can stack to create more storage space. You can also cover them with fabric or contact paper. Then, just place the rolled-up Ziploc bags inside. Another useful option is using an old baby wipe box.

Ziploc bags can also be stored in hanging containers. Hanging organizers save counter space and are convenient to access. Some hangers can be mounted to the wall. Alternatively, you can stuff the bags in plain cotton fabric sleeve. Another alternative to a small refrigerator organizer is using Ziploc bags to store reusable groceries.

A ziplock bag organizer can transform a busy kitchen into a well-organized and organized place for snack food and prepared meals. Leaving the storage space unorganized can quickly turn into a mess. Without a good way to sort through all of the plastic bags, you will be searching for the items you need to eat.

Use a small lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are a great way to make the most of the storage space in your cabinet. Not only do they give you more access to stored items, but they also make reaching them easier. There are even built-in lazy susans that you can purchase to use in your cabinets.

Lazy Susans are particularly useful for jars and bottles, as they can make them easy to access. In addition to ensuring that you always have something handy within reach, this handy kitchen gadget also makes it easy to find leftovers or condiments. They’re also durable, and can be easily cleaned.

Another clever way to use a small lazy Susan is to organize spices. You can use one to group your savory seasonings, Italian seasonings, or baking spices. A sectioned Lazy Susan allows you to easily access the right spices without the need to dig through jars.

Lazy Susans can also be useful for storing condiments. They rotate so you can easily access them. You can also use acrylic or glass storage bins to make your fridge look sleek. To make sure your fridge looks clean and organized, take some time to clean and reorganize it.

Lazy Susans can also be used for organizing your coffee bar or your spice rack. Not only will they help you stay organized, but they’re a great way to impress guests with a well-organized kitchen. Make sure you choose durable materials for these organizers. Also, you should consider the type of turning mechanism. Some designs use small wheels mounted on tracks, while others use revolving pieces.

One popular refrigerator organization idea is to use bins. Most home goods stores carry bins for food storage and fridge organization. You may even find one during a sale. If you’re a lucky shopper, you can also find fridge organization bins at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Another inexpensive but effective Lazy Susan is the Copco Basics non-skid Lazy Susan. This model comes in 14 colors and has a generous 12-inch diameter. It is durable and rust-free. This product has a nearly perfect Amazon rating with over two thousand reviews.