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Nowadays, a lot of companies are using chat bots to increase productivity. A chatbot is basically a program software program used in order to perform an online chat conversation through either a text-to-speech or text-to-video, instead of giving direct physical contact to a human operator. Since it reduces time and expense in addition to increasing efficiency, chat bots are now being used by many companies worldwide. However, these programs can be misused, especially if users do not exercise caution when using them.

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It is impossible for a chatbot to think for itself. Therefore, companies must ensure that their chatbot assistants are properly motivated and trained. This is important because an intelligent chatbot must be able to understand the instructions that it is given. Companies must also ensure that their chatbot assistant can work independently by itself; a problem arises when the chatbot assistant gets side tracked and starts to browse the internet while communicating with the user.

In order for chat bots to become fully functional, they must be equipped with knowledge and intelligence. There are chat bots available today that are already programmed to carry out specific tasks. This makes them more versatile compared to those that cannot perform tasks because of limited knowledge and intelligence. In addition to having knowledge and intelligence, these chat bots must be able to process data at an accelerated rate. These are the two basic requirements needed for any intelligent computer program. These requirements must be met if chat bots are to be made truly useful and popular.

Apart from the basic requirements of having the above mentioned capabilities, a chat bot must be able to operate and handle various types of inputs, such as text messages and chat conversations. Large scale businesses often use chat bot programs to automatically join and leave conversations as the conversation flow changes. A good example of this would be when a particular business owner wants their chat bot to greet their customer when they enter the store. As soon as they put the item in the shopping cart, the chat bot automatically joins the conversation and starts conversing with the customer on the spot.

However, there are certain limitations to chat bots that depend on the type of application that it has been designed for. Some chat bots are specifically intended for advertising purposes or group chat, which have their own set of rules and protocol. The bot might need to have an extensive database of clients so that each member knows the real information about the members of that group, which can be used in spamming tactics if the owner of the bot indulges in such a practice. On the other hand, chat bots that are developed for use in social networking applications do not need any extensive database.

An intelligent platform is another requirement needed by any chat bot. With the advancement of technology, the ability to create artificial intelligence is now available. This means that a chatbot must be able to operate in a manner that is dependent on the inputs and knowledge of humans. It does not need to rely on complex and tedious mathematical algorithms. Its decisions must be based on its understanding of the conversations going on in the network.

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, artificial intelligence will also allow chat bots to adapt its actions according to what is asked of it by the users. Say, for instance, if one of the members in a chat group says that he wants to give up using Facebook because he is too tired of receiving a lot of spam, the chat bot should be able to customize its actions depending on the input provided to it. It may either reply to the comment or ask the user questions about the reason why he has stopped using Facebook. Based on these inputs, it will then decide whether or not the request is valid. If the user continues to use Facebook, the bot will continue to interact with him until a user retires from using the social networking site. At this point, the bot will again ask questions to customize the response.

The idea behind artificial intelligence is very simple: artificially intelligent computers will be able to answer almost any question based on the information they are given. However, this feature may cause problems as well. As mentioned earlier, chat Bots may not be very good at evaluating the quality or relevance of information given to it. So in order to prevent chat bots from being a liability, developers may want to restrict their programs to pre-defined settings where only specific types of conversations can be logged. Otherwise, users may end up with a chat bot that randomly engages in conversations.