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What is Truffle Salt exactly? Truffle Salt Explained Truffle Salt goes by many names throughout the world. In the Italian language, it’s known as gourmet truffle salt, while in French it is referred to as French truffle salt. In German, it’s known as slag, or even retspeckle. But what is Truffle Salt exactly?

truffle salt

What is Truffle Salt exactly made out of? Black Truffle Salt Truffles, also known as “black truffle salt” are tiny pieces of edible chocolate that come from a tree native to South Africa. They’re harvested while the tree is still young and they don’t begin to dry until after the age of 2 years. Because truffle salt is so expensive, it’s actually estimated that the global demand for truffle salts is over ten times the amount of the supply available on the market today.

How can you enhance the flavor of truffle salt? Most people use it just on its own, but it’s also great when used in conjunction with other ingredients. For example, some people use it in place of regular table salt for sprinkling on foods, or adding to salad dressings. Others have created their own special truffle salt-enhancing cocktails and food recipes. The possibilities seem endless.

Does truffle salt come in a little plain flavor or does it come in a very concentrated form? Many people like to add a hint of dark chocolate or coffee to their truffle salt, as it tends to produce an even richer, more intense flavor. When using it in this manner, one must be careful to only add about half the amount indicated on the container. Otherwise, you’ll overwhelm the actual taste of the product, which is better left un-addressed. If using in this manner, try to use a very pure form of truffle salt.

Black truffle salt is often purchased in large quantities because it has a higher concentration of flavor. However, it’s important to understand that the concentration of flavor will vary greatly based upon the source of the salt. Black truffle salt comes from the bark of the Syrah tree, which grows wild across Southern Europe and Central Asia. While it’s naturally dark brownish-black, the flavor can range from mildly nutty to nearly black. The highest quality black truffles have a very distinctive, smoky aroma. Because of its popularity, the market for fake, imitations has become a booming industry.

So, what can we make of truffle salt? In my opinion, it’s the perfect addition to a warm summer salad. It pairs wonderfully with apples, lettuce and other greens, as well as different types of cheeses and mayonnaise. You can use it to dress up portions of meat, fish and poultry that are cooked on the grill.

In addition to being a great food additive, truffle salt can also be used in savory dishes. It pairs wonderfully with eggs, cheeses and appetizers made with cream cheese, chicken, veal or shrimp. You can also use it to add a bit of complexity and color to classic sandwiches. Salads with chopped ham, turkey or ham salad, for example, can be enhanced by sprinkling a small amount of olive morada or black truffle salt over the lettuce leaves. Ham served with grilled vegetables or sliced ham patties is also an excellent choice.

The next time you’re shopping for table salt, look for one that’s called “guerande” salt. It contains trace amounts of minerals like potassium, iron, manganese and calcium. You can find it in supermarkets and health food stores. If you’re not familiar with its other ingredients, you might want to visit your local drugstore.