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About Our Technology News Site

A News Site dedicated to the advancement of technology. We review, comment on, and publish news relating to technology, including new products and services, the latest in technology research, how the Internet and the World Wide Web have affected every aspect of human life, and what the future holds for technology.

The site has been in operation since May 1996 and is operated by a small company that also operates a number of other technology related sites. Its primary business is in providing reviews, research, and analysis regarding the Internet, computers, technology in general, software and gadgets. In addition, we also run an Ezine as well as a newsletter on the same topic.


Technology News

We began writing about Internet technology because we felt that this was one area where the information was so abundant and varied, it needed its own website. At first, our site was simply a list of links to various websites we felt were relevant to technology. Over the years, the site has grown in size and scope, with many sections and articles devoted to each aspect of technology. The site is now one of the largest web sites in North America, second only to Yahoo!

In addition to the news, we offer information on many other topics as well. For example, we offer a blog as well as other resources for technology research and education. We provide links to some of the most popular and well-known technology magazines and newspapers in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. For example, some of our links are to magazines for IT professionals, information on the Net, and links to some of the latest technology gadgets and equipment on the market. We also offer a section on music and technology, including an article on the latest music industry fads.

In addition to the news articles about the Internet, we have information about computers, including tips and advice about technology, reviews on many computer brands and companies, and tips on how to care for your computer. As technology advances, the site becomes more specialized in terms of the subjects it covers. As a result, we offer some information on the history of computer technology, for instance, and some information on how and why different technology items came into existence. Many of our articles include links to other sites that are related to the subject matter being discussed.

If you want to know more about anything related to computers, from how to take care of a computer to how to make the most out of a computer, from what programs to purchase to how to become a computer professional online user, we are here to help you. We provide information about the basics of the technology that is used on a daily basis, whether it’s about your computer or mine. Our news and information about computers are designed for those who want to understand a little bit about the way technology works. in order to become better computer users and enjoy the benefits of the technology.

Our First Look

We do not accept any donations, and we do not require any payment in order to write articles or make comments on our website. Our main sources of revenue are advertising and sales revenue. Our articles and comments may be downloaded for free but do not include advertisements, links, or any form of advertising. Our web site also contains information about other businesses and companies that are related to technology. We do not endorse products or services and we have not received compensation for any articles on our web site.

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